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  • Size: Designed to fit a table that measures 6 feet in length (72 inches) and typically about 30 inches in width.

  • Material: Usually made from durable fabrics such as polyester, satin, or linen. The choice of material can affect the appearance and texture of the tablecloth.

  • Color: Available in a variety of colors to suit different themes or preferences. Common colors include white, black, ivory, navy blue, red, and more.

  • Style: Can be plain or adorned with decorative elements such as hemstitched edges, pleats, or patterns. The style can vary depending on the rental company and the event's aesthetic requirements.

  • Usage: Suitable for various events such as weddings, banquets, conferences, trade shows, and parties. They provide a polished and cohesive look to the table setup while protecting the table surface.

6ft Rectangular Table Cloth

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